The Swirl Podcast, Episode 22: You Don’t Know My Life

January 29, 2017

This week, Kodi goes on a no good very bad date. Ruby contemplates the consequences of food stealing in marriage. And we discuss when you want your child to be the next Honey Boo Boo but your partner disagrees. Plus, all the usual nonsense!

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Show Notes

  • 00:00

    Intro / A little TV talk

  • 05:30

    Rehashing last week’s Q&Hey / Kodi’s bad date

  • 13:20

    Kodi’s a visionary — Seeing Mariah’s NYE performance a mile away

  • 16:46

    Eat My Food At Your Own Peril / Question: would you be so angry that you’d come to blows with your significant other over food?

  • 25:41

    Q&Hey: Is my kid the next top model?

  • 33:40

    Show close / credits

The Swirl is produced by Kodi Seaton & Stephanie Ruby. Mixed & Edited by Kodi Seaton.

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