The Swirl Podcast, Episode 28: You Did This

Sure, the Oscars were two weeks ago, but we still have FEELINGS, y’all. Plus, a new segment! Get your s#!% together, the real winners of Best Podcast Ever are here. This week, we talk about people who are bad at their jobs, specifically, those who hand out Oscar envelopes. Ruby loves sleep, Kodi loves Judge Qiana Lillard. Plus, passing judgment on your friend’s parenting choices. All that and the usual nonsense.

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Show Notes

  • 00:00

    This Week on the Swirl / Show open

  • 00:30

    You had one job!!! The Oscars and perils of multitasking and showboating / Do we give awards too much value?

  • 16:33

    Here For It – Ruby’s sleep solution and Kodi’s love of courtroom 502

  • 23:54

    Q&Hey – Should a friend interfere in parental matters?

  • 33:51

    Show close

The Swirl is produced by Kodi Seaton & Stephanie Ruby. Mixed & Edited by Kodi Seaton.

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