The Swirl Podcast, Episode 57: Digital Get Down

October 1, 2017

This week, we get caught with our pants off, drag rude people in the streets, & dish on never growing up. Plus, Lady Gaga, One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter, & three’s company with your ex. All that, plus the usual nonsense. Produced by Stephanie Ruby & Kodi Seaton. Mixed & edited by Kodi Seaton.

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Show Notes

  • 00:00

    INTRO / SHOW OPEN / Discussing Ruby’s tweet: “Chicken wings taste better with no pants.” #parenting / Kodi encounters “manslamming” from a dog walking woman

  • 11:37

    WEEKLY TOPIC — Does adulthood suck? We discuss the study about teens who increasingly put off traditional markers of adulthood

  • 24:45

    HERE FOR IT — Lady Gaga’s doc Five Foot Two (Ruby) / Scaachi Koul’s book One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter (Kodi)

  • 32:30

    Q&HEY — Stuck in the Middle asks, “How can I get over my jealousy and move on?” (Ruby’s pick)

  • 38:22

    THE GOOD WORD — “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers which can’t be questioned.” — Richard Feynman (Kodi’s pick)

  • 40:45



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