Kodi featured in People’s 2019 Half Their Size: Special Edition Issue

This past March, PEOPLE released “Half Their Size: Special Edition.” Kodi is featured on the National Mall of Washington D.C., with an update on the tools he uses to stay fit.

The book description:

In the 2019 issue of this popular special edition, People continues to share the inspirational stories of real people who have achieved real results. In addition to learning how the latest Half Their Size class did it, you’ll discover how past winners are keeping it off. We also include seven workouts for those who lost 100 lbs. or more and two targeted sequences from star fitness expert Tracy Anderson, our favorite food swaps, the best options when dining out at popular chain restaurants, as well as plenty of delicious and healthy recipes. Half Their Size provides real inspiration from real people.

For more, pick up your copy of Half Their Size: Special Edition on Amazon or wherever magazines are sold.

“Fact: I may have been purchasing several varieties of M&Ms and body wash when I stumbled upon this at the checkout at Target (Don’t judge my self-care!). Thank you @people for reaching out and continuing to share my story and for encouraging me and countless others to advocate for their health. Peep the link in my bio to grab one for yourself!”


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